Bravo Innovation Hub: characteristics of the project

The startup accelerator was created to welcome and accompany companies on a growth path. The selected companies will be supported in the development of the business model , the best strategies to increase turnover, access the market and intercept commercial partners. The operations will also be carried out with the help of external investors and other entities, including universities, local institutions and research centres. Training courses dedicated to employees and managers of the selected startups will also be offered . Furthermore, mentorship and networking activities are also planned. The journey ends with the

Demo Day where companiesBravo Innovation  will present their project to national and international investors

Who will then be able toBravo Innovation¬† allocate resources to¬† the Brazil Phone Number Data companies they deem most deserving. Save time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer FIND HOW Discover the Italiaonline digital offer How to apply The management of the various corporate projects will be entrusted to accelerators directly selected by Invitalia through a public tender. Organizations will be selected based on the skills they possess. As mentioned, the Agency will also select the beneficiary companies. The 2020 program will focus on the culture and tourism sector . Startups and micro-enterprises established on 1 January 2016 , with at least one operational headquarters in Basilicata, Campania,

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CalabriaPuglia and Sicily

can apply. Each company will have a Belgium Phone Number List contribution of 40,000 euros , as well as training, mentoring and coaching courses aimed at building a strong, independent reality capable of expanding over the years. After having carefully read the announcement and having found that you possess these and other required requirements, you can send the request for participation via certified email to the address [email protected] . Applications can be sent from 12.00 on 1 October 2020 to 12.00 on 3 November 2020. The agency will select the 10 projects deemed most interesting. To find out more you can visit the Bravo Innovation Hub page on the Invitalia website .

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