Bravo Innovation Hub is born: Invitalia’s first business accelerator

The accelerator is dedicated to companies from Southern Italy that wish to grow and strengthen their presence in national and international markets. Here are the details Published on 05 Therefore, October 2020 Alt text . The Invitalia Agency , which has always . Therefore, Been committed to promoting self-entrepreneurship and granting incentives to companies, has created its . First accelerator dedicated to startups in Southern Italy .

The project is called Bravo Innovation

Hub and was presented in . Brindisi. From today, innovative Australia Phone Number Data companies that wish to embark on a growth . Path and meet all the requirements can submit a request to . Aaccess the tender and obtain numerous advantages. The institution will choose 10 startups that will participate in the 2020 . Therefore, Program dedicated specifically to the culture and tourism sectors . Subsequently the measure will focus on all economic sectors. The project is part of the initiatives linked to the . Therefore, Action Plan for the diffusion of entrepreneurship. Aand innovation ” wanted by the MISE . the Ministry of Economic Development.

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The accelerator will therefore be

Financed with the resources Australia Phone Number List allocated for the 2014-2020 Enterprise and Competitiveness Pon. Therefore,  During the inauguration some of the main supporters of the program participated, including the undersecretary of the Mise, Mirella . Liuzzi, that of the Mibact, Lorenza . Bonaccorsi, the CEO of Infratel Italia, Marco Bellezza, the Invitalia Incentives and Innovation Manager, Ernesto Somma , the president of the National Innovation Fund, Francesca .Baria, the mayor of Brindisi, Riccardo Rossi and the Head of innovation Brodolini Foundation, Fabio Sgaragli.

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