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 com platform, unfortunately you have to pay for each add-on. Additional parts can easily add up to an additional bill of several hundred euros. On the other hand, you get free plugins for the blog platform, which you pay a small additional fee by updating. Additional resources: Blog platforms in comparison by Mrs. Q Choosing a blog platform by Ilpo Comparison of different blog services by Blogikonsultitti How to start a blog for free ^ Back to top 4. Branding What brand is it? It’s much more than just a logo and color scheme. It is you. In 2017, the personal brand will become a big part of marketing. People like to follow people, not products, services or companies.

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The reason I eventually switched to WordPress (and it’s unlikely I’ll ever switch away)  my blog looked like and make sure I got exactly the features I wanted. Blog platforms include: Blogger . com (no server required) WordPress . com (no server required) (requires a server) Tumblr Homepage machine new database There are also several blog portals: Logbook Lily Fitment Finland’s 40+ blog portal These can be good options in the beginning, but I know several bloggers who have switched to maintaining their own blogs, either because of advertising rules or to modify the appearance of the blog. The WordPress blog platform has the most add-ons, i.e. plugins, with which the blog can be modified almost limitlessly. If you are using free WordPress .

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 Email program = free or from €10.00 / month Online store commission on sales 3% + €0.50 transfer to own account Total €73.30 (later from €22.85 per month) Additional resources: Tips for bloggers – What topic to write about by Maria 10 tips for blogging by Annika 7-day free email course to start blogging Survival kit for a beginner Phone Database blogger 3 easy steps to start blogging ^ Back to top 3. Choosing a blog platform I get asked time and time again, why should I choose WordPress, why do I need a server and why can’t I start a free blog? Sure, you can start a free blog.  quality of a free blog are not great. Sorry! In addition, transferring a free blog to WordPress costs at least €800.00. At this point, you should think about where to save and where to invest. cons. I have written blogs with Blogger, Kotisivukone and WordPress.

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