Augmented reality apps for architects, engineers and builders

Digital transformation has reach construction with multiple tools that represent a definitive change for the sector. Among them, we find augment reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications . Augment reality on site With VR (Virtual Reality) applications we can immerse ourselves in a 100% digital environment, while AR (Augmend Reality) applications represent a mix solution, with which a room or building is complement with digitizd objects. With these technologies we can see in a very realistic way what the final result of a work will be and even interact with it during its execution. Everything, on a real scale, which allows you to walk inside the buildings, for example, and observe details of the constructions that only exist on the plan. Rethinking on site is one of the great points in.

Advantages of the applic ation in AR and VR construction

Favor of augmend reality in construction. The possibility of viewing and modifying BIM models through augmente reality applications results in more exhaustive control of the work. With AR and VR, the chances of making errors during the execution of the work are reucd , saving the time Brazil WhatsApp Number Data and money involve in solving them. This is achiev thanks to the possibility of visualizing the construction elements layer by layer and their interaction with other parts of the construction such as the facilities. On the other hand, it is possible to use most of the apps on mobile phones and tablets, so you gain agility and comfort. Thus, we can make changes in real time and see what it means for the work, and all without having to execute it.

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Some AR and VR a pps for architects and builders

Furthermore, these applications are an innovative solution for architects, engineers, builders, interior designers and even real estate agencies, since with them they can show the client how the work will look once it is complete . It is also useful for presenting projects in competition or Brazil WhatsApp Number List for showing different finishing options, facilitating understanding of the project and choosing solutions. With most of them we can manage the virtual constructions that we have creatd through our smartphone or tablet, without the ned for cumbersome gadgets or especially powerful equipment. These are just some of the apps on the market: AUGmentecture is an augmend reality tool in construction for architects with which you can view 3D models on your mobile. Fologram is us with Hololens glasses, to visualize models and even create mockups.

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