At the heart of Next Generation funds

The mobilization of resources launch by the European . Union within the framework of the Next Generation plan to . Modernize the economy of its member states and overcome the damage caus . By the crisis, worth 750 billion euros — of which million correspond to Spain—represents a historic challenge and . Opportunity for our country. In the period alone , investments worth million euros will be made through . he Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) , with a total allocation of million euros for the rehabilitation of buildings. The Government has set the goal . Rehabilitating 1.2 million homes by , multiplying by up to 10 the current rate of around 30,000 annual renovations. This is established in the National Integrat Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) that seeks to.

What types of ac tions will receive support?

In this context, the rehabilitation of homes with bioclimatic architecture techniques will receive a notable boost . Of the first distribution establish in the PRTR of . Million euros, 1,151 million will go to the . Rehabilitation of homes and neighborhoods and the rest, 480 million, to the India Mobile Number Data rehabilitation of public buildings.  Use of renewable energies in thermal installations for heating , air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and domestic hot water . Improvement of the energy efficiency of common areas in rehabilitat buildings.

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Economic bo ost and job creation

Biodiversity microspaces Energy installations at the upper level of the building In this way, we respond to the ne to improve the stock of buildings and homes in our country to meet the European objectives in terms of sustainability.  Homes India Phone Number List are in poor, bad or dilapidat condition. For its part, the Energy Rehabilitation . Program for existing buildings in municipalities and . Energy rehabilitation in residential and non-residential buildings through . Improvements in energy efficiency and . The incorporation of energy. renewables . Establishes that “eligible actions will be those carri out in the thermal envelope of the .

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