Artificial intelligence at the service of SMEs: here is the MISE strategy

The MISE has started consultations on the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. Therefore,  You can participate by October 31st. Here are all the details.  Published on 02 October 2020 Alt text .  The Ministry of Economic Development has launched the public consultation of the .  National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence , developed thanks to the contributions of the experts selected in the .  Previous months. The objective is to create a coherent program.  That allows this technology to be integrated into different areas of society, especially in the entrepreneurial fabric . It is part of the actions carried out by Minister Stefano

Patuanelli to encourage the country

s digital transition . The public  consultation will allow Oman Phone Number Data experts, bodies and.  Companies to make requests and observations on the . Therefore,   MISE strategy. The objective is to make the document more .  Vomplete and detailed, ready to come to life, thanks to the collaboration of various subjects involved. On the otherctives. SME digitalizatio.  Ole of artificial intelligence What is the .  National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence .  How to participate in the consultation .  SME digitalization: role of artificial intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence ( from the .  English Artificial Intelligence ) is a branch of computer.  Science that deals with creating machines that work and learn in a similar way to the.  Human mind, thanks to the programming of.  Hardware and software systems.

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It may seem quite futuristic, but in reality AI

as it is commonly called, is already .  Therefore, Present in many  China Phone Number List business processes. For example, one of the fields in which it is used is the recognition of images, words, faces and so on. It is expected that Industry 4.0 will be driven by this technology that adapts to the different needs of businesses and beyond. To truly integrate these solutions, however, it is necessary to make a real change in mentality Therefore,  and culture: completely adhere to the concept of digitalization , Therefore, search for new talents and skills, focus on growth and be willing to revolutionize the company.

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