Aerosols how to ventilate closed spaces

Do you feel safe at home, at work or at your school? In this case, we are not referring to any matter that is related to criminal issues, but rather we are talking about your own health. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is more important than ever that the air around us is clean, above all, to not leave any room for contagion by aerosols. Therefore, in the following lines we show you all the necessary information about how to ventilate closed spaces . The objective of ventilation of a closed space is to clean the air and has three outstanding characteristics: Ventilation rate. It refers to both the quantity and quality of the outside air that enters a certain space. Direction of air flow. The air must move from the cleanest area to the least clean. Air distribution.

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It must be homogeneous, in all possible areas, with the aim of getting rid of the greatest possible amount of contaminated air. As stated by the Ministry of Health, temperature and relative humidity (RH) can be considered Aerosols Mexico Phone Number Data how to modifiable risk factors in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The virus is more stable at low temperatures and respiratory aerosols, as virus containers, remain suspended longer in dry air. When is the best time to ventilate? In the case of homes, the ideal is to ventilate in the mornings . It is recommended that ventilation lasts about ten minutes and is carri out daily. In the case of closed spaces intended for work or study, it is most advisable to also ventilate every morning, coinciding with the entrance , and several times a day. If possible, once every hour and with the advantages.

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Completely open. What ways to ventilate are there? It is possible that when you think about ventilating a room, you only focus on the action of opening the windows. However, this is only one of the available alternatives. Therefore, take note of the following types of ventilation : Natural ventilation. It is a very simple system. As we have already mentioned, it consists Mexico Phone Number List of opening the windows or doors in order to let in as much air as possible from the outside. The best thing to do is to open several doors or windows at the same time so that a draft can form. Through mechanical ventilation systems . They are those in which the movement of air, introduced and expelled from a closed room, is caused by the intervention of a fan powered, generally, with electrical energy. What mistakes should you not make despite ventilating closed spaces? In addition to knowing how to ventilate closed spaces.


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