Aerosols and COVID-19

Remember what your life was like before the pandemic? It may not be easy for you . Because the months after the detection of a new virus have undoubtedly . Chang almost everything. The arrival of the coronavirus has transform many customs and has made us aware of how vulnerable the collective lifestyle is. Furthermore, in this context, new concepts have been incorporate into our daily vocabulary, as well as concerns not explor until now. Therefore, it is very . Interesting to focus, in greater depth, on the relationship that exists between aerosols and and, at the same time, on how it is possible to breathe purer air through different safe alternatives. First of all, it is necessary to know thatis a disease caus by the virus call.

What are aer osols and how do they spread?

The usual form of contagion is from person to person, although it can also be transmitt by prolong stay on surfaces. However, the most common thing is that outbreaks originate after close contact with someone who is already infected. It is a very contagious virus , since it is transmitt through small liquid particles that are expel by the infect person through the mouth or nose. This small gesture can occur when New Zealand Phone Number Data speaking, but also when breathing, singing, sneezing, coughing or blowing. Furthermore, its size is not homogeneous, but rather remains variable. In that case, they are cal respiratory droplets or aerosols . In this sense, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus is spread, above all, through the aforementionairborne particles. One of the factors for this to occur is directly relat, among many other reasons, to not maintaining the now famous interpersonal safety distance.

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How aerosols influ ence the transmission of

least  meters of separation. For its part, the Spanish Ministry of Health considers that temperature and relative humidity (RH) can be considere modifiable risk factors in the transmission of COVID-19. That is, the virus is more stable at low temperatur and respiratory aerosols, as New-Zealand Phone Number List the main containers of viruses, remain suspend for longer in dry ai Regarding aerosol transmission, certain particularities remain in specific environments. Generally speaking, when you stay in an indoor space, with hardly any ventilation and full of people , the chances of risk increase exponentially . Additionally, people must be in close proximity for a certain period of time. At the time there were . Many doubts and conflicting opinions but, today, the scientific community . Agrees that aerosols and Covid-19 maintain a direct link . Likewise, although there is the possibility of it being transmitt.

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