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This was announced by Roberto . Gualtieri, the Minister of Economy and.  Finance, during the hearing on the guidelines of the Recovery Fund and the Italian PNRR before the Finance Commissions. The reason is linked to the exhaustion of available resources . The Relaunch Decree (Legislative Decree no. 34 of 19 May 2020) had in fact allocated 6 billion euros for the professionals most damaged by the Covid-19 health emergency . Unfortunately, many professionals who are entitled to the bonus are left out due to the depletion of the fund. Now the Government will have to commit to ing further resources in order to integrate them and ensure that all beneficiaries can receive the contribution. But how will it be done? How does the

Ministry intend to move

Here are the words of the Minister of Economy Qatar Phone Number Data Roberto Gualtieri. Non-repayable contribution: requirements Increase in funds: how to do it? Satisfying results Non-repayable contribution: requirements The benefits provided by the Relaunch Decree are designed for VAT registered people who carry out business activities or self-employment or are holders of an agricultural income. In 2019, taxpayers must have achieved an amount of revenue and compensation of up to 5 million euros . In April 2020 they must have had a total turnover and fees lower than two thirds compared to that obtained in April 2019, thus demonstrating that they have been damaged by Covid-19 . Furthermore, they must have started business after 31

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December 2018 and have tax domicile or

operational headquarters in one of the Municipalities Singapore Phone Number List affected by calamitous .  Events, in which states of emergency were in place as of 31 January 2018. Those who met these requirements could send the application from 15 June to 13 August 2020 , or in the case of an inherited business, until 24 August 2020. Now, however, the 6 billion expected for all beneficiaries have been exhausted before all contributions can be paid. The last applications are suspended and the available funds need to be increased . Save time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer  HOW Increase in funds: how to do it? The Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri addressed the issue : “We will have to add a few hundred million by moving them from some measures that have been less successful.”

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