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How much is the pe 23.293 TL In hazardous workplaces: 31,058 TL In very dangerous workplaces: 46,587 TL Is the Work Accident Notification Period Included on Saturday? According to the Labor Law No. 4857, Saturday is, as a rule, a working day. Considering Saturday as a working day is valid only for workers. Because, in official transactions and applications, Saturday is not considered a working day, it is considered a holiday. The work accident SSI notification period is 3 business days. Additionally, the work accident notification process is an official process. For this reason, Saturday is not included in the work accident notification period. Frequently asked Questions Civil Servant

Work Accident Notification Work accident

Notification of civil servants is made by their Therefore,  employers. Employers should UK Telegram Number Data immediately report work accidents to law enforcement authorities; The Social Security Institution must be notified within 3 business days after the work accident occurs. Here the calculations will be made by experts. Exact amounts will only be reached as a result of these calculations. What Requests Can Workers Dismissed by the

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Employer Make? An employee who is

Unfairly dismissed by the employer can claim the China Whatsapp Number List following receivables from the employer. Severance pay, Termination benefits, Annual Leave Fee, Bad faith compensation. Wage Receivable, Overtime Pay Receivable, UBGT (National Holiday and General Holiday) Receivable, Week Holiday Receivables What Can Be Demanded in a Business Case? The lawsuit issues that the employee can request from the court in case of dismissal can be listed as follows.

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