7 energy saving measures in summer

When is the most energy use at home ? In summer or winter? Without a doubt, spring and autumn are the two times when we generate the least electricity consumption. The temperatures are pleasant to go out of the house, so we spend less time indoors, and these are those times when we can completely do . Without air conditioning. However, we 7 energy saving  nee energy saving . Measures in summer and . Winter if we do not want bills to become . Very expensive. It is thought that . Winter is a time of maximum energy consumption because heating homes can be . Very expensive, in addition to the fact that the cold . Makes us spend more time indoors. But summer is also a time of high energy consumption , especially if you have air conditioning equipment . It is normal to expect high energy costs during the summer.

Spend less: 7 energy sa ving measures in

Conditioning unit is turn on to escape the heat and the children spend more time at home using electronic devices. And, when they go out to play, there is much more to wash, not counting beach towels or mountain clothes. Summer can be expensive on our electricity bill, but with the following energy saving measures it is possible to cut – and a lot – what we spend on energy Italy WhatsApp Number Data during the warm  7 energy saving  months. From reasonable consumption to small modifications at home. Everything is important if we want to focus on energy efficiency and maintain moderate energy consumption at home. 1, Be very careful with cold air or leave the air conditioning on When you come home on a horribly hot day, the feeling of cold air on your skin is fantastic, we know it. But you have to be reasonable with a device that can spend a lot on the electricity bill. There are people who enjoy air conditioning at less than 23ºC, and even those who set it to 19ºC so they can stay warm.

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3. Don’t forg et to ventilate your home

Home during the summer. Of course, it’s not a good idea. The air conditioning emits the same cold air at all times at the same temperature and the thermostat will regulate how much it will have to emit at all times. Try setting it to 26ºC and you will see that the feeling of comfort is the same or even more, since you will not have to keep warm inside the house. Likewise, set Spain WhatsApp Number List the fan to minimum and if you are far from the unit activate the swing function , which will expand it throughout the room. 2. Turn off the air conditioning when you are not at home Don’t leave the air conditioning on during the day when you are not at home. The feeling of entering the house and it being cool will cost you a lot of money, when in reality the effects of cold air are noticeable almost instantly when you turn it on. Are you still one of those who wants to come home and notice the air conditioning? Then you can set it to turn on.

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